PULL HEART 19G x 100mm - 10 Units


PULL HEART 19G100mm - 1 BOX OF 10 UNITS.

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- New Pull Heart threads with stronger barbs for a more effective and longer-lasting lift.
- The new barbs on Dermica PULL HEART threads broaden and reinforce the thread, providing greater and longer-lasting traction.

- Natural results
- More effective and longer lasting
- Simple and quick application
- Safer


- HEART barbs have a heart or arrowhead shape and rather than slitting the thread, they REINFORCE IT, making it thicker.
- This design provides STRONGER AND MORE SOLID barbs, which are therefore better able to grip the tissue during traction.
- The reinforced thickness of the barbs means that they last longer and that reabsorption time is considerably longer
than with normal barbed threads..


- The stronger design of HEART barbs allows a greater traction effect than with normal barbed threads.
- More, broader and stronger barbs that provide opti mum results.
- The application technique is similar to that used with normal barbed threads.
- The patient can get back to daily life almost immediately, with a more youthful appearance and hardly any visible signs of the procedure.


- Pull Heart threads are supplied in 19G100 blunt-tip need les making direct handling during application unnecessary.
- There is no need to touch the thread during the procedure, ensuring greater asepsis and enhancing safety for doctor and patient.


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PULL HEART 19G x 100mm - 10 Units

PULL HEART 19G x 100mm - 10 Units

PULL HEART 19G100mm - 1 BOX OF 10 UNITS.

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