Omega light combines LED and IPL light to cure various skin problems 

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OMEGA LIGHT DAUL is a dual phototherapy device LED and IPL light to cure various skin problems.

The LED with various wavelength of 423nm-650nm and IPL with 450nm-1050nm will be penetrated to the skin to solve complicated skin problems.

It gives a significant effect using much stronger luminance near infrared PSMD LED element than previous model's.

it is a safe dual phototherapy device overcoming shortcomings of general laser treatement such as burning, optical damage and injury.

What is the XENON lamp ?

XENON lamp is the key component of IPL device.

  • -size(include case) : 74*68*45mm
  • - Accuracy of output : max 2.6J/cm 2 +/- 20% 
  • - Wavelengh of output : 450nm-1050nm
  • - Irradiation area : 30mm*20mm +/- 20%
  • - Time control : 1minute - 10 minute

Omega RED light : Wavelength:640nm, depth of penetration : 1-6mm.
- Function : skin cell regeneration, blood circulation improvement, scar
                 regeneration, pain relief.

Omega BLUE light : Wavelength: 423nm, depth of penetration :1mm.
- Function : destruction of acne germ, Curbing sebaceous glands,
                 infection prevention, treat skin trouble

Omega YELLOW light : Wavelength : 583nm, depth of penetration :1-2mm.
- Function : relief of thermal damaged erythema. early shingles.

Omega GREEN light : Wavelength : 532nm, depth of penetration :0.5-2mm.
- Function : relax body and mind, improvement of sensitive skin, relaxing effect

How to use :

  1.  peeling RF, MTF. Red light 10min to green light 10min 
  2.  acne treatment . Blue light 20min to green light 10min
  3.  laser toning erythema treatment, Yellow light 10min to green light 10min 


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Omega light combines LED and IPL light to cure various skin problems 

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