General Condition of Sale

Thank you for your visit to our Web mesozon site, the information contained in these pages is a service we offer since 2013, medical professionals and the healthcare staff.
By using this website you agree to comply with the conditions of use and sale described herein.

1-mesozon website has been designed to provide general information on mesozon, its products and services to an international audience.

2-L information contained in these pages do not attempt to provide any opinion or medical instruction.

3-This is a direct responsibility of the laboratories, and manufacturers of products. We are resellers and in no event will we intervene in production. N Before using any product you should always consult with your doctor.

4-All products and specialties of reference that appear in the web pages mesozon in different categories were approved by the relevant health authorities.

5-You should always check with your doctor or health professionals before using any of these products.

6-On allows you to view, print, download and view some of the content of the web site only if the conditions are as follows:
a) If the content is consistent with the purposes of the website.
b) Every effort should be made for the sole purpose of obtaining information for personal and private use.
c) None of the content on the site should be changed.
d) No graphics, icons on the website may be copied or distributed separately from the text or images that accompany it.

7-Data published on this site is accurate, but due to the large number of products on sale it is possible that errors in price, storage, features and photographs occur . mesozon strives to avoid happen.

8-The customer is required to consult before making the purchase, the characteristics and stock products they want to buy before making the purchase. The price of each product is related to the individual unit, specifying the name of the product itself or, failing that, the description of this product.

9-Please note that the contents of this notice may change at any time.

10-hopMesos will not be considered responsible for any damages that may arise or be related to the access, use or otherwise of the information contained in this website.

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